Kidde P3010K-CO Worry-Free Kitchen Photoelectric Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 10 Year Sealed Battery

The Kidde P3010K-CO is a 10-year worry-free combination smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm specificallyKidde P3010K designed for use in the kitchen. It is considered Worry-Free because it has a 10 year sealed lithium ion battery that will never have to be changed for the life of the detector. This combo detector will last 10 years and an audible alarm will chirp every 30 seconds when it needs to be replaced. Battery replacement and accidental deactivation is no longer an issue.

This Kidde alarm is battery operated only and does not require external power connections, it features a simple and quick installation. Just install the mounting bracket on the wall or ceiling and attache the alarm. Once attached, the detector activates the sealed battery and it begins operation.  This photo-carbon combo detector maintenance free and has no serviceable parts to worry about.

The K in the Kidde P3010 Series stands for ‘Kitchen’ because this unit is designed to detect smoke using photoelectric technology which will reduce false alarms caused by cooking, and Carbon Monoxide detection because the kitchen is where several potential sources of CO are located. Although this detector is listed for use in a kitchen, it is also recommended for use in hallways and basements.


  • Its 10 year limited warranty lasts for the entire life of the unit.
  • Easy Installation – No wiring required – it runs entirely off its 10 year battery.
  • Continues to operate during a power outage – very important when generators and fossil fuel cooking is used.
  • Since no electricity is required, it can be used in campers and Rv’s.
  • The P3010K will save you $40 over its life by not having to replace batteries.

The Kidde Worry-Free Series has other models available including:

P3010B – Ideal for Bedrooms, 10-year, sealed battery, smoke alarm with photoelectric sensing technology and Smart Hush feature.

P3010H – Ideal for Hallways, same features as the bedroom but with an LED Light to guide you to safety.

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